How to Choose a Personal Stylist

How to choose a personal stylist?

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a personal stylist.

  1. Determine why you are hiring a personal stylist - Be clear with your goal on why you are looking for an expert in the first place. Is it to dress well for a certain event only, or are you looking to upgrade your overall wardrobe and image?

  2. Experience - many so-called style experts wake up one morning and decide they “have a passion for fashion” ugh, so tired of this phrase.. MAKE SURE your expert has put in the years and the work through all facets of the industry, don’t be fooled…or risk a huge loss of money, time and trust.

  3. Rely on authentic client reviews - Make sure that the experts have worked with (tons of) clients before and that those clients have left high-ranking reviews.

  4. Online Presence - the personal stylist’s website, review platforms, mentions in big name publications and social media etc will give you a glimpse of their personality, expertise level and customer centricity.

  5. Assess if your energies match - When searching for a personal stylist, jump on an introductory call and observe how compatible and comfortable you’ll be with the expert. Remember that you’ll be working with the expert for a while, so your energy, personality, and preferences should match to have a comfortable time during your styling process.


It can be very time-consuming to dress daily, especially when you’re lost in your style and fashion. Reaching out to a personal stylist makes a big difference in how you present yourself to others socially, professionally, and beyond. You may think you don’t need one, but you risk spending countless hours and funds trying to figure it out yourself. Just like working with a fitness coach will keep us in shape or hiring a photographer will give us great pictures for special events, a personal stylist will ensure that we ALWAYS look and feel our best. A qualified consultant has been in the industry for years and has helped many clients (everyday, successful, goal-oriented people like you and me) efficiently source and build the most effective and modern-looking wardrobe.


Now that we better understand the value of a fashion expert, the next question is, how do I choose the right one? From thousands of “experts” offering styling services, in-person or remotely, it becomes a major challenge to decide on a personal stylist or wardrobe consultant that’s the best fit for you.



Before connecting with a personal stylist, have a clear understanding of why you want to work with them. What are you trying to achieve out of the engagement? Are you unsure about what to wear to an event, such as a formal dinner party, a first date, or a business meeting

or are you just not satisfied (or bored) with the outfits you have, and want to reset your whole wardrobe. You may be going through a big change such as moving to a city, or have earned a promotion and would align your current lifestyle with the clothes you wear. Knowing the reason why will make it easier to reach out to a stylist and discuss your needs.


A style expert should have a long track record of working in the industry, and not at just one specialty or another. Unlike other industries, there are no widely accepted, well respected credentials or degrees that can be obtained to give one credibility as a style consultant. This is an industry that no schooling, quick study or casual interaction can prepare one for.. It’s a get your hands dirty, boots to the ground, earn your place kind of scene, ask any true industry professional. DO NOT BE FOOLED by the fakes, there is too much at stake for your bank account, time and personal growth.


When searching for a product, you browse for good reviews before buying it. It’s the same principle when hiring an expert. By looking at reviews from previous clients, you will get an idea of how the engagements and results will be with the experts.

Get recommendations from your peers and ask if they know or have worked with a personal stylist. If they haven’t, search for personal stylists online, and check their client reviews to see how legitimate and successful they are with the services they offer.

Finally, trust your instincts when deciding on a personal stylist. If you believe that they have deep industry knowledge, have provided great value to previous clients, have confidence in their understanding of fit and style, and are fun and comfortable to work with, then there’s no doubt you have found the right expert!


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Find a personal stylist: Invest in yourself, wear outfits you feel good and look great in