How to Declutter & Organize Your Closet in 6 Steps

Written by Social Garb Style Team

The need to declutter hits us when there’s already an overflow of stuff, many pieces kept inside the closet but most are unworn, when items are not organized, placed in various areas making it difficult to look for clothes you’re actually looking for. Decluttering may seem to take an awfully long time to finish, but think of it as saving you from hours of dressing every time you go out, providing a stress-free and effortless wardrobe. Instead of piling up clothes, not giving way to new quality pieces that may interest you, you’re stuck with your old and used wardrobe. We recommend you declutter your closet at least 2 times a year to keep your items organized and build a better wardrobe for yourself.


Since it’s now July of 2023, what better way to continue the rest of the year than to have a closet cleanout! Trust us, you’ll feel accomplished with your wardrobe right after.

6 steps to start a closet cleanout:

1. Set a date & prepare your 3 piles


Assign a day you’ll be most available to clear out your wardrobe, the coming weekend that you’re not going out or your least busy weekday. Then prepare three makeshift boxes labeled: KEEP, REVIEW, RELEASE

  • KEEP: The items you want to keep in your wardrobe, pretty straightforward.

  • REVIEW: You’re still thinking if it’s worth keeping but better to try on all items in the category first then go back to them afterwards. Assess again if they still fit your items to keep and if there’s still space left in the closet.

  • RELEASE: Items you need to let go of. Further categorize it to 3 kinds: 1. Throw away 2. Recycle 3. Donate/Sell. Research websites and shops that accept donations or resell your used items online.


2. Empty your wardrobe


This may differ depending on your type of closet, if you have a walk-in closet, you can start emptying your wardrobe per section to avoid getting overwhelmed, then dedicate different dates to clear each section. If you have just one closet, you can definitely empty your wardrobe in one go!


3. Clean your closet


If you’re going to clear your closet, do it right! Since you’ve already taken every item out of your wardrobe, proceed by cleaning it up. Polish your drawers, storage boxes, organizers and hangers. Take a look at your hidden precious items in your closet, time to assign them in a proper locker too!


4. Assess your clothing, make sure to try them on


And the main event: reviewing the contents of your closet! Decide on a category you would like to start with: tops, bottoms, shoes. After the basics, proceed with the layers: Outerwear, accessories, bags.

Make sure to try each of them on for a better review. Every time you try on a piece ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I still wear it? When was the last time?
  2. Do I love it?
  3. Does it still fit me? It doesn’t itch or feel uncomfortable when wearing?
  4. Does it look good on me?
  5. Does it portray the style I am going for?
  6. It doesn’t have stains or doesn’t look worn out? Doesn’t have any damage?

If you said YES to all these questions, you definitely need to put it in your “keep” pile! Be perfectly honest with yourself, know that your space is limited and it’s not worth it to keep an outfit that you don’t like anymore. You can call a friend for this, and ask for their opinion if you’re really having a difficult time deciding.

If you answered NO, put it in the RELEASE pile, more on that in the next point.

Lastly, if you’re unsure, you can go back to it and temporarily put it in the REVIEW pile. After going through the category, you can try it on again and see if it still fits your kept items in the wardrobe.


5. Let go of unused and unwanted items


After sorting out your items in each category, it’s time to slowly let go of stuff you no longer need. This may be the most difficult step, but remember that your pre-loved items can still be put to good use, can be recycled, can even be donated or sold to people who can use it. Start searching for shops that accept donations or start posting your items online. Just make sure that what you’re giving away is still usable, if it’s not, better to throw it away or recycle.


6. Store your kept items in reachable places


Put your items back in your wardrobe. Organize them in a way that’s easy for you to reach and remember. Now that you have more space in your wardrobe, it’s easier to put your items back. You can also make use of organizers if you don’t have one to showcase each item better (sock, underwear, ties, jewelry organizers).


AND YOU ARE DONE, Congratulations on making the step of decluttering and organizing your wardrobe! As mentioned, repeat this process of revisiting your closet at least twice a year or when you feel like you have more items kept than worn. Once you’re used to this routine and have identified where you can donate your items, letting go is easy. All it takes is your decision to start. Decluttering will not only save you space in your closet, it will also let you discover your personal style as you are seeing items you want to keep on wearing. Enjoy your newfound simplicity and ease that come from a decluttered closet!


How to declutter & organize your wardrobe in 6 steps

  1. Set a date & prepare your 3 piles: keep, review, release
  2. Empty your wardrobe

  3. Clean your closet

  4. Assess your clothing, make sure to try them on

  5. Let go of unused and unwanted items

  6. Store your kept items in reachable places