The Importance of Finding the Right Brands that Best Fit YOU... We are industry experts and will do it for you

You bought a new outfit you really liked, but upon wearing it, you realize it didn't fit you well. And just after a few wears, this piece has been forgotten and has been at the back of your wardrobe ever since. Sound like you? Unfortunately, this is an all too familiar occurrence when purchasing clothing for ourselves. It often happens to everyone when buying clothes.

The reality is: there is no "one size fits all" solution in fashion. Some brands may look good on others but may not be as flattering on your body. That is why it’s important to understand where to search for your holy grail brands that will fit your body type best.

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons why it is important to find the right clothing brands that best fit your body type:

1. You'll look good In brands that fit

2. It highlights your individuality

3. Finding brands that fit is by far THE LARGEST obstacle to having seamlessly attractive, effortless style

4. With THOUSANDS of brands offering different fits and various trends, it's difficult to find the best brands for you

5. Quality over quantity. Well-chosen outfits will save your budget in the long run

1. You'll look good in brands that fit

Fit is everything. No matter the stylistic design makeup of a piece of clothing, if it doesn't fit you, it won’t look good. Since not all of us know our body type, we are sometimes tempted to buy well-known, expensive brands because we assume that it will fit us well. But even the most expensive clothing can give us an unflattering look since some follow a set of body sizes which may not compliment our body shape.

Fit, quality, stylistic approach, fair price points and customer service are the primary factors to look for when searching for well rounded brands. You’ll be surprised how effortless your style will become as soon as all of your clothing fits you the way it’s meant to.

2. It highlights your individuality

Understanding more about fashion trends and your body type will give you more freedom to bring out your personal style instead of wearing the same clothing that everyone is wearing. Being intentional about your everyday look and showcasing your individuality leaves a good impression on others, separating you from the average crowd. Fashion styling is a creative outlet, and choosing the right brands is your chance to express yourself to everyone.

3. Finding brands that fit is by far the LARGEST obstacle to having seamlessly attractive, effortless style

After discovering brands that fit your body, you are all set in mixing and matching your attractive, effortless style. The hassle of looking at your wardrobe for hours, digging through clothes, racking your brain for which outfits will match well, will cease to exist. Now you're always ready to go out and show off your new garb with confidence, knowing that you’re looking good. Our lead stylists understand that each new elevated outfit should still resonate with your personal style. They will make sure to give style recommendations that will refresh your approach but that will also stay true to who you are and what you represent.

4. With thousands of brands offering different fits and various styles, it's difficult to choose the brands for you

The fashion landscape is a fragmented collection of brands all offering different fits, fit profiles and approaches to traditional/trendy style.. How are you supposed to know where to look and how to whittle down thousands of brands to a handful that were made for you? This is where our experts come in. Our online wardrobe consulting service starts with getting to know you first: your lifestyle, your climate, your needs/wants, style preference and body proportions. After a series of initial interactions, we will come up with a personalized plan for your fashion styling including recommending the perfect brands that will suit you as an individual. The educational element will also prepare you to continue building your wardrobe on your own, if you desire to do so in the future. (although, we’d of course love to have you as a client as long as you’ll stay! Many of our clients stay with us for years)

5. Quality over quantity. Well-chosen outfits will save your budget in the long run

Selecting quality pieces from the right brands will ensure that you not only love the clothes you buy, but also that they will last a long time, too! Good quality fabrics promise comfortability, durability and will prove to be an investment in the long run. It may seem like an expensive purchase at first, but cost per wear is everything. Keep in mind that quality does NOT have to come with an unreasonably high price tag.

It could take years of sourcing and countless hours and money wasted just to identify a couple of brands that may work for you... But not to worry, we at Social Garb have explored all of these brands for you during the course of over a decade of industry experience and will recommend which curated, comprehensive selection of brands is best for you!

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