The Top 5 Stylish Shoes Every Man Needs

5 Staple Shoes Every Guy Should Own:


  • The Fashion Sneaker: Oliver Campbell Low White I, Greats The Royale 2.0

  • The Sporty Sneaker: Oliver Campbell Runner Shoes, Koio Runner

  • The Elevated Boot: Bolton Chelsea Boots, Becket Simonon Lopez Boots

  • The Dressy Oxford: Becket Simonon Dean’s Oxfords

  • The Everyday Sandal: Nisolo Huarache Sandals, Todd Snyder Nomad Suede Crossover

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Unless you’re at the beach, it’s likely you need some form of footwear. Shoes are a basic and important investment piece that not only complete an outfit, but in some cases even make it. It’s important to have a well-rounded, versatile collection of footwear at your disposal!

You may think you need a giant collection, all colors and style for all occasions. But in reality, you only really need (at least) 5 shoes in your wardrobe. Unreal, right?

Social Garb’s lead stylist, Kyle Albrecht, guides you through the list of men’s essential shoes you need to be prepared for any occasion and which brands to buy them from. So pack up your bottle opener flip-flops boys and let’s start streamlining your shoe collection!

The Fashion Sneaker

The super versatile, practical modern day dress sneaker. It looks stylish without being formal, making it the easiest to finish up any outfit. Keep the color simple and neutral, opting for all white, gray, brown. It can be worn with anything, from a wide range of shorts, jeans, chinos or even slacks. With this in your wardrobe it’ll be easy to dress up a super casual outfit or dress down a formal one.

Kyle’s Fashion Sneaker Picks:

Oliver Campbell

Low 1 | White

The Sporty Sneaker

For your weekend and evening comfort requirements, these shouldn’t lack style and there is a ton of opportunity for individuality and style expression here. They usually have 1-2 main colors and an accent to give a playful feel. These shoes are truly an attention seeker and could be a good conversation starter because of their subtle yet detailed look.

Kyle’s Sporty Sneaker Picks:

The Elevated Boot

Something more rugged for weather conditions, a more masculine elevated look or just a more sturdy lifestyle option. Since they are on the chunkier side, you’ll have to show them off by wearing boot cut jeans or cuffing a slimmer pair of denim or chinos. Keep them versatile by selecting the right color for your pallete. When buying boots, consider the events you’ll be wearing them for, suede boots with laces are meant for casual setups while smooth leather boots are perfect for formal settings. Chelseas, Lace ups and Chukkas are all great options, it just comes down to your personal preference and style.

Kyle’s Elevated Boot Picks:

The Dressy Oxford

You may not need these often, but when you need them, you really need them! Go with something classic and versatile like a brown cap toe, sleek and low profile and ideally comfortable to wear for long evenings on the dance floor!

Kyle’s Dressy Oxford Picks:

The Everyday Sandal

Flip flops are great, but what about a nice dinner on vacation? You may need something with a closed toe. Consider a huarache style or a crossed leather crossover slide. Using the right sandal can elevate your overall look, even if you’re just wearing a simple chino short or lightweight pant fabrication.

Kyle’s Everyday Sandal Picks:

If you have more of a minimalistic approach or are concerned with covering all the bases, these 5 essentials are the perfect place to start. Investing in a selection of good quality shoes will help you look more sharp and stylish, so it’s best not to sacrifice quality for price in this category. The shoe category is a great opportunity to build a timeless and high quality foundation that will last you for years to come.

If you liked our picks and are interested in updating and refreshing your current wardrobe, reach out and set up a free intro call with Kyle, Social Garb’s lead menswear stylist. Contact us to get started!

Written by Kyle Albrecht