What is GORPCORE: Unpacking the Hiking-Inspired Aesthetic


A guide to the camping-chic Trend

4 key features of the Gorpcore Trend

  • Color - gorpcore consists of earthy colors, but offers vibrant pieces too such as bright colors of pink, blue, red, yellow, orange, and green.
  • Layering - with this trend, bigger pieces put together are better. You can blend various textures to create a bulky look.
  • Baggy yet adjustable - they are oversized but can be adjusted in certain areas of the clothing.
  • Pockets, pockets, and more pockets - Part of the charm of gorpcore is the number of pockets that add character to the simple piece.

If athleisure and techwear weren’t enough proof that comfortable style is here to stay, we’ll be sharing another re-emerging trend that’s stealing the spotlight for functional and relaxed outfits: GORPCORE. All thanks to TikTok and celebrities, this outdoorsy, utilitarian, baggy look with lots of layering is making a comeback from its first appearance in 2017.

So, let us break down what this trend is all about and the popular brands to consider.


Gorpcore essentially draws inspiration from outdoor and adventure clothing, by wearing functional and practical attire associated with activities like hiking and camping. This style elevates practical, rugged outdoor garments into the realm of high fashion. Imagine the fusion of a hiker's sensibility with the effortless allure of a runway model, and you've captured the essence of gorpcore.

Gorpcore is wearing functional outdoor wear in an urban, trendy style

- Shalev Lavàn, Fashion stylist -

The term was initially introduced by writer and editor Jason Chen of The Cut, with the “gorp” part abbreviated from ‘good ol' raisins and peanuts,' referring to trail mix—a go-to snack among hikers, who commonly wear the type of clothing associated with this trend. Aligning that with the easygoing, straightforward style of normcore, Gorpcore was born.

4 Key Features of the Gorpcore Trend


Gorpcore outfits typically show neutral and earthy colors such as olive green, brown, gray, and shades of beige. But they scream vibrant pieces too, helping hikers get easily spotted when outdoors. Aesthetics of this trend include retro, bright colors of pink, blue, red, orange, green, purple in jackets, cross-body bags, beanies and parachute pants.


With this trend, bigger pieces put together are better. You can blend various textures together such as: fleece, lightweight and water-resistant pieces then add 3 or more pieces which are cohesively styled together: vests, jackets, boots, beanies.

Baggy yet adjustable

These rugged pieces offer practical functions, like the ability to adjust certain areas of the item. Jackets that have a drawstring on the head or at the side, bucket hats with adjustable strings, or pants that have garters on the ankles.

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets

Part of the charm of gorpcore fashion is the amount of pockets that add character to the straightforward piece. The pockets are sometimes shown in the middle of a jacket either outlined in the same color or different hues to add a pop of color, others have zippers that are placed vertically. For pants, your cargo pants have various pockets, incorporating structure and style to your look.

Gorpcore Starter Brands

We’ve compiled the most popular brands you can browse through right now. These are just some of the brands you can start with but there are a lot more you can further explore. If you’re looking for more brands contact us for advice.

  1. Patagonia

  2. The North Face

  3. Salomon

  4. Columbia

  5. Arc'teryx

  6. Carhartt WIP

  7. Snow Peak

  8. Fjällräven

  9. Free People

  10. REI

  11. Teva

  12. Urban Outfitters

Gorpcore represents an effortless fusion of functionality and high fashion, where outdoor inspiration meets urban lifestyle. With its roots in the practicality of outdoor gear and a keen eye for comfort, it's a trend that continues to evolve and capture the hearts of those who appreciate the great outdoors (even those who do not usually go hiking) and value the versatility of their wardrobe.

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