What to Wear to a Music Festival or Concert

Our 7 Picks:
What to Wear to a Music Festival or Concert

Published by Social Garb Style Team

Nothing beats hearing artists live and singing along with a full crowd who love the songs as much as you do! Music Festivals and concerts are just one of the many memorable experiences you must attend at least once (especially if your favorite band is performing).

After buying a ticket, build up the excitement by preparing for your festival wear! Your clothes will vary according to the weather, concert grounds (grassy grounds or indoor) and genre of the event.

crowd watching at a concert at night

General Tips:

Wear comfortable clothes–allowing you to move around easily while vibing to the music and;

Express your unique style–be really true to the clothes you want to wear. You'll be taking pictures anyway so get the best clothes you can find and you’re all set!

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to wear for the music fest, read on as we share our 7 top picks!

Cowboy Boots or Sneakers

Comfortable and chic shoes are a must when attending these events. You’ll probably be walking around and standing all day, so avoid wearing footwear that would make it harder to explore the concert grounds. Also, expect that your shoes can get dirty because of squeezing through people and the grounds itself being dusty.

Bum Bag

Bringing a practical bag such as a bum bag, cross-body bag or a backpack will store your essentials in one place: wallet, phone, ticket, keys, even a portable phone charger. Be sure to bring this functional accessory to complete your look and allow you to jump to the rhythm hands-free!


Whether you’re planning on wearing a full ensemble or just a pants/jacket, wearing denim is a good companion to the event. It’s a classic look that can easily be partnered with any top.

Sunglasses or Cap

The dust and heat may get a bit overwhelming, so be sure to wear hats or sunglasses to see your favorite artists against the blazing and bright sun.

Oversized Shirts

If you’re seeing your favorite artists, show your support by wearing an oversized shirt relevant to the band. For women, wearing a vintage design shirt paired with sports leggings or denim is a good option to beat the heat outside. For men, an oversized shirt with denim pants is the way to go!

Flowy top + shorts or denim

Another go-to festival outfit, opt for a flowy patterned shirt, which can be worn under a tank top or closed on its own, and a denim shorts.

Crochet Piece

For the bold woman, level up your style by wearing crochet pieces or mesh dresses with bikinis underneath! This will put you in the spotlight because of your daring look, a perfect ensemble for any summer festival.

Ultimately, going to a concert is about enjoying music, seeing the bands live and up close, jamming with the vibrant crowd and having a great time. It just helps uplift your mood even more when you’re in a good looking outfit, when you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing and when you bring a functional accessory making it easier to stay in the event. Fashion is all about sharing your unique style and what better way of showcasing it than through a music festival, meeting new people along the way. It’s all about how you carry yourself with confidence, no matter what you wear.

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