Workwear 2023: 7 Picks To Pull Off Your Office Outfits

The seven clothing pieces to pull off your office looks:

Women's 7 picks to wear in the office

  • Black Blazer
  • White Shirt
  • Shorts Suits
  • Pleated Wide-Leg Pants and/or Midi Skirt
  • Loafers
  • Simple and Sleek Dress
  • Jumpsuit

Men's 7 Picks to wear in the office

  • Chore Coat: Alex Mill’s Jackets
  • Chinos
  • Oxford Shirt
  • Suits and Sneakers
  • Straight-Cut Pants in Dark Colors
  • Long Sleeve Polo
  • Chelsea Boots

Workwear has drastically changed over the years as more and more companies are embracing a relaxed dress code. Office outfits were previously stiff suits for men and unflattering pencil skirts + long sleeves for women. Employees are now given freedom to show off their distinct personality in a comfortable fit.

The rise of casual + functional wear brings confusion of what outfits to wear to work. Even if the company doesn't have strict attire, Dressing professionally remains an important factor not just to help increase productivity, but to also gain respect and be perceived well in your capabilities. In this guide, we’ll focus on the current smart casual and business casual attire to wear for men and women.



Black Blazer

Wearing a blazer still tops the list of one of the most useful and fashionable clothing for work, especially now that oversized blazers and suits are trending. On colder days, you can use your blazer to layer over a turtleneck and a button down shirt.

White Shirt

You can never go wrong with a white clothing piece. Choose a button-down or a fitted knit sweater to effortlessly pair with a leather skirt, Midi skirt or trousers.


Shorts Suits

A modern take on the classic suit. The demand for this outfit for spring/summer has been growing and we can see why. We recommend wearing plaid or dark shorts suits to look more formal.

Pleated Wide-Leg Pants and/or Midi Skirt

Looking for comfortable bottoms that allow you to move freely? Wearing either a pleated wide-leg trouser or a midi skirt will do just the trick. Fitted tops will help compliment your loose pants/skirt.


Loafer shoes (flat or bulky) are a must-have because it goes well with anything! Another office footwear option are Ballet Shoes, they are both lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Simple and Sleek Dress

Solid-colored and simple styled dresses are one of those items you wear when you're rushing out. Sleeveless and below the knee length will keep you from exposing too much skin.


Another outfit that takes minimal thought to styling, jumpsuits are perfect to accessorize with. Adding a few jewelries and a watch will immediately finish the look.


Chore Coat

Think Alex Mill’s Work Jackets in distinctive colors. This outerwear personifies what a smart casual piece looks like: straight cut yet fun to wear. Bring in a pop of color by getting jackets in bright colors to partner with your dark ensemble.


A versatile pair of chino pants are your best pant option for the workplace because it makes you look put together rather than your regular denim jeans.

Oxford Shirt

A nice, clean oxford shirt is a must for office wear because of its versatility. They come in many colors and patterns, making it easy to pair with neutral colored pants.

Suits and Sneakers

Your tailored suits are not only meant for formal occasions, they can also be worn on an everyday work day by dressing it down. Swap your Oxford shirt with a black scoop or v-neck shirt then add a pair of white sneakers.

Long Sleeve Polo

Knitted long sleeve polo gives a more stylish look because of the collar and material used. This goes well with dark denim jeans or chino pants.

Chelsea Boots

Most suited for cooler temperatures but can be worn all-year round, Chelsea Boots are your best shoes for a dressy outfit in the office. When attending a business meeting, this is one of the better shoes to wear.

3 Workwear Tips To Remember:

  • Dare to Express Yourself: Current workwear trends are now shifting to styles that show off your individuality and creativity, make use of that option and experiment on your styles, patterns and add a pop of color

  • Wear Comfortably: Relaxed fits for the office are in, but don’t overexhaust it or else you’ll look really sloppy and bigger than your actual body type

  • Your Bag Matters: Because you’ll be moving around during your commute, on your lunch break, and after work, it’s important to carry around a good quality statement bag to bring in all your items with you as well as blend in with your overall outfit.