Where To Find a Personal Stylist: Top 3 places to search

Where can you find a personal stylist?

  1. Ask around for recommendations - the best reliable source will always be from your loved ones. Ask for a referral if they know a good personal stylist that you can get in touch with.

  2. Direct search - Do an online search for qualified personal stylists. Be sure to check their reviews and online presence. There are a lot of personal stylists out there, check our guide on how to choose a personal stylist for you.

  3. Thumbtack - one of the most reliable sources of professionals for all services imaginable in the country. You can search for wardrobe consultants and then check their reviews

The day we realize we need a personal stylist may come in different forms. It can be when you see that you have a full, cluttered, and outdated wardrobe, where you can only wear a few items when going out. Another instance could be when you are experiencing a big transition such as moving to a new city, advancing or starting a new career, dating, or beginning a big life transformation (body change) that requires you to update your style and clothes. A certain event such as hosting an event, or guests at a formal occasion can also trigger the need for a personal stylist.


So, Where can you find a personal stylist? You can find a personal stylist online, or through the people close to you. Carefully review their credentials to avoid wasting money and effort on ineffective and inexperienced experts.



The first and best reliable source of information will always come from the people close to you. If you know a stylish friend, he or she may have considered hiring a stylist before or have met an expert that can be a great resource for you.


If you can’t find a personal stylist from your peers, the next option is to find them online. There are a lot of personal stylists out there when you start the search, you just need to know how to choose a stylist from the options. The best style programs are those that offer remote or online sessions as It’s far more convenient, efficient and effective to conduct the program and no need to commute, spending half or a full day just for the session, PS. look around, shopping in-store is a thing of the past. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, make sure to ask a few questions during your first meeting to confirm if the expert is compatible with you.



If you’re still unsure about directly searching online, Thumbtack is a credible platform to get professional services. You can search for any professional service you can think of, including personal styling or wardrobe consulting. Take a look at the top stylists with sufficient positive reviews and be sure they’ve been hired by more than 100+ clients on the platform.

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Find a personal stylist: Invest in yourself, wear outfits you feel good and look great in