Accessorizing For Winter: Essentials You May (Or May Not) Have Already

With the temperature slowly dropping, we are reminded to start wearing more layers and accessories. The changing season brings a sudden shift in your wardrobe requirements, so better to prepare ahead of time. It may be chilly outside, but this is a good opportunity to have fun with your accessories, reviving those cozy pieces. Let’s take a look at the trendy winter accessories you definitely need in your closet.

Fuzzy Bucket Hat | Wool Beanie

Starting off the list with your headgear. Fuzzy Bucket Hats (usually for women) have been very popular for the past few years and can still be a great option. You can go subtle with a black or off-white color or go bold with bright colors paired with monochrome.

For men, wool beanies are the staple headgear or a corduroy baseball cap. You can have both ready in your closet then wear either one depending on the occasion and outfit.

Cream Knit | Heavy Sweater

It goes without saying, but it’s time to bring out your knitted sweaters for the weather. We’re recommending a cream knit because your coats may be in a darker tone, so having a cream knit gives a contrast to your outerwear. If you prefer laid-back outfits, a heavy sweater or hoodie works well too, giving a much needed warmth to your body via layering.

Structured Coat | Blazer

Let’s talk about these winter staples: Structured coats and blazers, they are almost a given to have on your hangers.The best thing about these outerwear options (aside from providing warmth) is it gives structure to your upper body and can provide a preppy/elevated look.

Fashion shoes vs. sneakers

We’re not suggesting that you throw out your casual sneakers altogether, but it’s always a good idea to explore outside your comfort zone. Fashion shoes give a more elevated feel to your overall look. They can be leather sneakers, chelsea boots, lace-up boots or loafers. For women, knee high boots are another option for this season.

Knee-High Socks | Tights

Ladies, can’t get enough of your summer bottoms, shorts, skirts, dresses? You can still wear them paired with thermal knee high socks or colorful tights. Men can absolutely wear high socks too! Wear them with loose pants and for the bold, try it with shorts (Think of an athletic look or gorpcore).


Bonus: Bracelets

They add a subtle detail to your look, instantly elevating your overall style. Go for a silver/gold cuff or chain bracelet.


There you go! Our winter accessory essentials are:

  • Fuzzy Bucket Hat | Wool Beanie

  • Knitted Sweater | Heavy Sweaters

  • Smart Coat | Blazers

  • Fashion shoes / Boots vs. sneakers

  • Knee-High Socks | Tights

  • Bracelets

You may find that you already have some of these or just need to get a few pieces. Organize your winter fits to easily review which ones to wear and which ones to let go. These are just your starter accessories, add a few more to have more choices to mix and match.

If you’re preparing your wardrobe for the next season or traveling at a colder climate, we'll help bring out the best outfits using what you already have and suggest other pieces that will integrate well. Let’s bring out a more confident you in the coming months. Get started with our fashion stylists, we provide a FREE initial consultation.