Women's Guide to Menswear 101

Why limit yourself to just "boyfriend" jeans when you have an unlimited array of options to explore?

Published by Social Garb Style Team

Men’s clothing is indeed designed differently than women's clothing, may it be in style, fabric, cut, and size. However, in the world of fashion, which serves as a means of self-expression, it's safe to say that the men's outfits aren't exclusively reserved for men; Women can effortlessly demonstrate how it can exude femininity too.

Here's the ultimate handbook for styling men's fashion pieces as a woman.

Styling Men’s Blazers

Tip: Maintain a Sense of Balance

If you wish to incorporate men's clothing into your wardrobe while maintaining a feminine touch, strive for balance when mixing and matching various clothing items. Pair a men's blazer with a feminine skirt or slim-fit jeans. Blend different textures and styles to create a harmonious overall look.

Styling Men’s Trousers

Tip: Contact a Tailor

Dealing with pants and jeans can be a bit tricky. Typically, women have wider hips than men, so connecting with a tailor to adjust the waist and hips slightly and taper the pants considerably around the calves and ankles can result in a more naturally flattering fit. Using a great tailor can make the difference between clothes that fit sloppily and those that fit flawlessly.

Styling Men’s Dress Shirts

Tip: Try it before you buy it

Given that men's button-down shirts are tailored differently from women's, finding the right fit that complements the female body shape is crucial. Women should seek out shirts that are neither too loose nor too tight. Pay close attention to the shirt's length; if it's too long, alterations by a tailor may be necessary.

Adding men's fashion pieces to your wardrobe can open up exciting possibilities for distinctive looks. At Social Garb, we can help choose from a great selection of menswear clothing and guide you in incorporating these pieces into your everyday look.