Your Handy Guide to Traveling in Stylish Outfits

How to travel in style

  • Think about the destination - this will set the theme for the clothing you will be bringing.
  • Dressing up for your air travel - wear comfortable outfits to stay cozy the entire flight.
  • Sneakers + sandals - comfortable footwear is a must when traveling as you will be exploring the whole day.
  • Pack upwards - start from the base clothing then find various shirts you can pair them with.
  • Avoid clothes that easily wrinkle - choose cotton fabrics instead of linen to save time ironing your clothes.
  • Pack a couple of dressy outfits - best to come prepared with a few formal dinner outfits.
  • Accessorize - Think about the accents you'll be wearing on your trip.
  • Versatile Layers - bring versatile layers that can be mixed and matched with your outfits.

It’s always exciting when you finally purchase the flight ticket and accommodation to your dream destination, it builds up even further once you are nearing the weeks and days of your travel. Only one thing left to do… a crucial task before traveling: Packing your clothes! It’s not always easy to stay stylish since you will be restricted with the number of luggage/s you can bring. You also need to include your essential items: skincare, undergarments, haircare, limiting your bag space even further. In this blog, we will be sharing a simple guide to ensure that you travel in style, everywhere you go!


Think about the destination

The first step to packing your outfits is knowing the climate and itinerary for your destination, this will set the theme for your upcoming looks. It will identify whether you will need thermal clothes for winter destinations or swimwear for tropical locations. Aside from this, consider the cultural and political climate of the country you’ll be going to. Some countries prefer wearing a more conservative outfit than others, it’s important to respect and dress appropriately.

Dressing up for your air travel

The main priority when traveling (aside from looking stylish) is wearing comfortable clothing. It will take a few hours to reach your destination, so having clothes that’s lightweight and cozy will keep you from feeling stiff. Athleisure & Sweatsuits are the best clothes to wear for traveling. They are lightweight and flexible and can be layered with a bomber jacket, sweater or even an oversized blazer. Wear leggings or joggers and tops in set colors and a white sneakers. Another added benefit of wearing this outfit is the fabric is thin so putting them back in your luggage will be an ease.

Comfortable sneakers + Sandals

When traveling, it’s almost always mandatory to explore and roam around the city. With that said, comfortable footwear is a must for a hassle-free walk, not worrying about your feet numbing out from the pain of walking long enough. Wear your comfortable and neutral colored sneakers during your flight to save space on your baggage then bring sandals to carry breathable footwear. You can carry around 3 shoes for your trip, those that are effortless to pair with your clothes.

Pack Upwards

Since you’ll be needing less bottoms than tops, it’s easier to start from the base clothing then find various shirts you can pair them with. Look for your most versatile and quality bottoms such as your blue denim jeans, black trousers or shorts to easily pair them with various tops you may have. Depending on the duration of your trip, you can carry around 1-2 pants then mix in more shorts or skirts.

Avoid clothes that easily wrinkle

Although most hotels (if you’re staying in one) will provide you with a flat iron or steamer, it can be a bit of a hassle to iron out your clothes while on vacation, so steer away from fabrics that easily wrinkle. While you can still wear them even with creases, to look good for pictures, you can opt to choose more cotton than linen. Make sure to roll your clothes to prevent wrinkles. Choose basic yet quality solid-colored tops that can be layered to come up with different styles.

Pack a couple of dressy outfits

Your trip would have at least 1-2 fancy dinners, it would be best to come prepared with a few dinner party outfits. For Women, you can never go wrong with a Printed Midi dress or a bright jumpsuit. For men, a good option would be chino pants partnered with a button down or knitted polo shirt.


A few earring studs, a versatile watch, simple bracelets and simple neck chains will go a long way. Carrying a bright colored hat or a scarf (for colder climates) will provide you with an upgraded style. Think about what accessories you’ll bring to keep your style look put together and finish your outfit.

Versatile Layers

Lightweight layers can seamlessly be worn and removed, depending on the environment. It can also immediately upgrade your basic shirt and pant ensemble. A button down shirt, cardigan, lightweight sweater or wrap can help complete your outfit and bring different styles to your look. Wear your lightweight jacket during your travel to save space in your luggage. Use a lightweight jacket that is multi-functional, versatile enough to take you from day to night, offering protection against wind and rain.

Your guide to traveling in stylish clothes, everywhere you go!


  • Think about the destination
  • Dressing up for your air travel
  • Wear Comfortable sneakers + Sandals
  • Pack upwards
  • Avoid clothes that easily wrinkle
  • Pack a couple of dressy outfits
  • Accessorize
  • Versatile Layers

Traveling in stylish clothes not only enhances your overall experience but also allows you to make a fashion statement wherever you go. By looking through your destination, choosing versatile pieces, prioritizing comfort, and accessorizing thoughtfully, you can create a travel wardrobe that is both chic and practical. Keep in mind that traveling in style is about expressing your personal taste while respecting the local customs and ensuring your comfort throughout your journey. So, pack your bags with confidence, step out in style, and create unforgettable memories in your destination. Bon Voyage!

Written by Social Garb Style Team