5 Men's Fashion Tips to Look Stylish During Exercise

Have you observed the streets lately? It's filled with people running or exercising. You'll easily spot friends who are wearing active wear on the way to a gym, a football pitch or a yoga studio. Our modern fast-paced routine have played a crucial role in the change toward a healthier lifestyle, and the re-introduction of physical activity into everyday life!

Exercise is not only liberating, it also improves physical and mental fitness, leading to a more positive outlook in life! All these benefits can be enjoyed while wearing sportswear that is not only practical but elegant as well!

So, if you are looking for what to wear during exercise, let’s look into some fashionable suggestions!

KEY TIP: Did you know that wearing the proper sportswear will encourage you to exercise? When you feel good and can easily move around, you'll keep going with your active routine even on your off days, it'll be exciting to show off your chic active wear! This is why getting the proper clothing is a must!

The different types of sportswear

Every sport has its appropriate necessities which is why many brands offer garments that are specifically designed to instantly vamp up the way you perform and the way you look! Lightweight shorts, breathable shirts, thermal clothing, leggings and tracksuits, sport shoes and comfortable socks, shell jackets and even hats and bandanas will make you feel much better the next time you take the streets, go on a hike adventure in low temperatures or just hit the gym.

The pros of using functional clothing during exercise

A half-hour run wearing an old, worn out cotton shirt has nothing compared to a half-hour run wearing a functional and breathable shirt made with the most modern fabrics. Some clothes (even if we love them) should just be avoided while working out.

The difference of wearing the proper attire will be the most noticeable through your skin, avoiding rashes in the armpits and groin areas and annoying irritations. Aside from the skin, other parts of the body will be well-protected if you use quality athletic apparel and stay injury free!

Whether grinding in the snow or giving it all in the peak of the summer heat, t
he light, breathable and flexible nature of activewear will feel comfortable! A functional clothing will make sure that all athletes will return to their homes as they left: safe and sound.

5 Workout style tips to enhance your athletic outfits

Before going out for a long and demanding session, a look in the mirror will be the last thing to do before opening the door, so let's find out 5 tips to be stylish during the hardest workouts!

1. The right hoodie will take you far!

Off to a quick game with your mates but you're feeling a bit chilly before – completely – warming up? Put on your gray hoodie, tie it tight and enjoy the game. Nobody should feel cold or uncomfortable while playing their favourite game. The perfect hoodie will effortlessly offer a warm, elegant touch to all your workout outfits! There are infinite stylish ways to dress for the gym with this cozy hoodie.

2. Shorts mean sports

Would you agree that the best place to workout is nature? It is the most relaxing way to exercise, exploring the fresh surrounding around you. Therefore, next time you decide to wander and get lost in nature’s vast beauty, put on a pair of high-quality hiking shorts and enjoy the marvellous things that only nature can offer!

One more short(s) advice: You can include sport shorts to all your everyday outfits. Combine them with casual or smart-er casual tops, retro sneakers or modern sports shoes, a cool bucket hat and move comfortably all day long!

3. The eternal all-round t-shirt

Crossfit, horse riding, cricket, rugby, pilates, tennis, ping pong or squash… No matter the sport or exercise type; the t-shirt is the absolute king of sportswear. It can be worn on top of a thermal tight t-shirt, it can be worn before, during or after exercise. If you keep it monochromatic you can even wear it with your chinos; if it has crazy prints combine it with dark yellow joggers or black tracksuits!

4. Jackets!

For those who like to ride the urban way – BMXing, single-speeding, skating or in-lining – or for those who just prefer to wear a rugged, heavy duty sport jacket; the parka is most probably the best option. Functional parkas and shell jackets alike are perfect hybrid garments. Water repellent, breathable, windproof, easy to wash and quick-dry, they will prove to be so useful that you will end up wearing them on top of your smartest casual outfits!

5. The carry-all Bag

Clothes, accessories, garments, gadgets, snacks (only healthy snacks!), keys, laptop and your best mood! The perfect bag must have space for everything. A top quality bag is nothing less than a game changer. Have you ever spotted an elite athlete without one?

You can carry it like this:

Or like this:

Whatever you choose, choose the best bag and everything will be easier. So comforting to have a companion to share the heavy load…isn't it?

One more thing! If you want to carry your bag 24/7 opt for a black, blue, off-white or grey one and you will have no problem adding it to all your outfits!

A more sustainable approach in fashion

The number of people who exercise, practice sports or just decide to move more is on the rise. So is the segment of sustainable fashion. Every single moment it becomes clearer. The trend must change. A completely sustainable approach must become the one and only rule in fashion.


    • Because the fashion industry consumes a monstrous amount of water: around 93 billion cubic metres, leaving much of it contaminated by toxic chemicals
    • Because there are 92 million tons of clothes-related waste each year, which produces half a million tons of microplastics
    • Because 60% of millennials say they want (and they should be able) to shop more sustainably
    • Because of 71 leading clothing retailers in the UK, 77% believed there was a likelihood of modern slavery occurring at some stage in their supply chains

And because of all this:

  • The members of the European Fashion Alliance (EFA) have created a package of measures and actions, hoping to encourage a more sustainable and inclusive future for the European fashion industry. The four pillars on which the targeted measures are to be based: Sustainability, education, politics and innovation

Because being sustainable transcends the methods of production, packaging, marketing and shipping. Being sustainable is first and foremost living by principles like the ones just mentioned: education, politics, innovation – and allow us to include respect in this short yet fundamental list.

At this very moment the stakes are high and now that a shift is, finally, being noticed, a turn to brands that opt for sustainable techniques and function eco-responsibly, ethically and inclusively is vital.

Big brands like  Dockers® or Levi’s and smaller ones like Pact or Tentree are adopting and using the best and latest that tech & science have to offer. Buying sustainable functional clothing is good for the skin and the soil! After all, is there any difference between them?

Written by Joan Calabia

Joan Calabia operates as the Digital Lead for Dockers® International at Levi Strauss & Co. Joan’s experience spans the intricacies of marketing operations to creating immersive consumer experiences. He continues to lead the brand direction adapting to the new generation of casual consumers in our era, while maintaining the California cool lifestyle that is heritage to the brand.