“Realistic” Men’s & Women’s Fashion Trends We’re Still Wearing for 2024

Fashion Trends we're still wearing for

  • Bold colors - make a statement by adding bright touches to your look.


  • Wide Leg Pants and Pleated Trousers - these pants flatter most body types thus remaining relevant for this year's fashion.


  • Cross Body and Belt Bags - A practical accessory to keep all your essentials while on the go.


  • Grandpa core - The trend consists of an oversized sweater or bomber jacket, baggy dad jeans, and sneakers.


  • Sustainable wear - Let's support brands that find a more eco-friendly way of producing their garments.


  • Minimalism - a collection of high-quality, versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched.

You may not be one who always follows the ever-changing trends in the fashion world, but it is still worth exploring every once in a while. The new year triggers a review of items to keep and to let go in your current wardrobe. To give you an idea of styles that are still up to date and which ones to reconsider, here are some of fashion trends we’re definitely wearing for 2024:


Bold colors

Striking colors are good to wear at moments when you’re feeling a bit experimental. It’s easy to stick to the neutrals, but for the coming year, make a statement by adding bright touches to your otherwise neutral outfits. A bold color can be anything, from vibrant pink, deep red, mint green, orange, blue or yellow. You can start small by incorporating a bright accessory while keeping the rest of your outfit neutral.

Wide Leg Pants and Pleated Trousers

Surprisingly enough, these pants flatter most body types and that’s why they’ll still remain relevant for 2024. Skinny jeans are long gone and a more timeless silhouette makes you look more elevated and sophisticated when worn with a fitted shirt or jacket.


Cross Body and Belt Bags

At this point, most everyone has at least one belt or cross body bag. Due to the convenience, when going out, a belt or cross body bag is a good choice when you want to take just the right number of essentials and stay organized for the day. The extra style it adds doesn’t hurt either. We’re definitely still wearing this accessory in 2024.

Grandpa core

Move over Coastal Grandmother, Grandpa Core is the new trend and we’re here to try it ourselves! The style consists of an oversized sweater or bomber jacket, baggy dad jeans and sneakers. This is a gender neutral style which makes it easy to try out, perfect for the cold weather months.

Sustainable wear

An important movement that more clothing brands are campaigning for: producing eco-friendly fabrics. Consider adding clothing made from organic cotton (created without harmful chemicals) and recycled materials (reducing waste by reusing old items). We at Social Garb promote sustainability by recommending only high-quality, well-made garments and brands, supporting proper clothing care and storage for longevity and timeless styles our clients can wear for years to come.


Sustainable fashion goes hand in hand with minimalism. Instead of having an overly wide assortment of clothes, making getting ready confusing and time consuming, you can choose to collect high quality, versatile pieces you can easily pull out of your closet whenever you need a straightforward and effortlessly cool outfit. The basics are definitely still good to wear for 2024 and beyond whenever you’re on the go and want to feel comfortable for a busy day out. Accomplish this approach with injections of simple, solid colors, produced from good quality materials.


Although we have shared some trends that will remain strong for the year ahead, at the end of the day your wardrobe should be tailored 100% to your lifestyle and preferences. As your wardrobe consultants, we’ll make sure to represent you best through well-fitting, high quality pieces you’ll be excited to show off. The journey to a better wardrobe starts with a conversation with us, reach out when you decide it’s time to level up!